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::Man survives attempted suicide jump by landing on blowup doll lover

January 15, 2010
suicide blowup doll

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A Shanghai man attempted to jump to his death from a seven story building (see below) with his inflated, plastic lover gripped firmly in hand. The only problem with his attempt? He landed on his lover, popped her, and survived with only minor injuries. His blowup lover suffered a slightly more serious demise (pictured above.)

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Original source: ChinaSmack

Bad sign placement ::

July 21, 2009

Bad sign placement can kill a business, or boost it I suppose. Anyway, I was walkin’ down the street I was, when I happened to see these two businesses directly across the street from one another. I hope I’m not the only one that found this amusing. I understand the need for solidarity among neighbors but come on! Or should I say “Kumon!” But having a “Wei Wei Dry Cleaners” across the street from “Kumon Kids Education Center” is just asking for trouble.


Kumon Education. Srsly?

Watch out for the wei wei you Kumon kids!

Poor guy on bike about to take a swim ::

May 15, 2009
Perfectly poised, Mr. Ying is about to take an unexpected swim.

Perfectly poised, Mr. Ying is about to take an unexpected swim.

I didn’t take this picture, I actually found it on a forum but had to share. It just says so much, so so much.

Danger! Kowloon Flowers! Danger! Must be authorized! ::

April 23, 2009
Danger! Flowers! Careful! Ahhh!

Danger! Flowers! Careful! Ahhh!

Thankfully, the Kowloon city park rangers of justice have taken steps to warn the general public about the dangers of white, purple, and yellow flowers. I say we get a petition going to force the city to start planting less dangerous flowers that do not require authorized entry.

Le Coq? ::

April 20, 2009

Guess everybody needs a little coq every now and again. Even older ladies at amusement parks.