Who I am

For those of you looking for a little history on who your intrepid blogger is let me clue you in. I’m a 32 year old American guy who essentially quit his job as a QA tester back in 06, packed up his crap, kissed his mum goodbye, and shot off to Shanghai for two years. I didn’t have a job, or much money, but I was able to find some gigs teaching English because I was white and tall, and eventually moved on to editing a lifestyle magazine for the city. China boy then returned to California in Nov 07 with the intentions of moving to France. France didn’t work out, so I looked for work and found a job editing an Asian restaurant magazine out of Shenzhen China. I ventured to Shenzhen for a couple months from April to June, then returned to the US where I spent a good 7 months freelancing and looking for full time work in the wonderful economy, until finally heading to Hong Kong for a full time editorial position.

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