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Bad sign placement ::

July 21, 2009

Bad sign placement can kill a business, or boost it I suppose. Anyway, I was walkin’ down the street I was, when I happened to see these two businesses directly across the street from one another. I hope I’m not the only one that found this amusing. I understand the need for solidarity among neighbors but come on! Or should I say “Kumon!” But having a “Wei Wei Dry Cleaners” across the street from “Kumon Kids Education Center” is just asking for trouble.


Kumon Education. Srsly?

Watch out for the wei wei you Kumon kids!

:: Overheard in Hong Kong – Large Americans

July 14, 2009

Large group of large Americans on the Soho Midlevels escalator, after they blocked the “fast lane.”

American lady, “You know, it doesn’t make any sense. They drive on the left side of the road here, but the slow lane on the escalator is on the right.”


Guinness 250th anniversary contest — winner goes to space ::

July 7, 2009

For Guinness’ 250th Anniversary contest, the famous stout beer brewer is going to blast off some lucky guy or gal into space on a Virgin Galactic spaceship in 2012. The prize is estimated at a worth of $200,000.

Sign my ass up. Wait, I already signed up. This contest appeals to the inner-most geek in me, and by appealing to that special part of my being I decided to share the awesomeness that is this contest with little to no regards for how this might hurt my chances at winning.

I have never in my life signed up for any contest but the Guinness 250th year anniversary “blast your ass off into space for drinking fucking beer” was just too good to pass up. Bring on the spam emails about great deals on where to buy Guinness beer, and sell my email address to Nigerian scammers. I don’t care. I signed up anyway. No Guinness did not pay me to post this, and those of you whom truly know me would know my nerdy interests in all things space porn related.


I consider going into space the ultimate travel experience. What could you possibly do in your lifetime to top an experience like exiting the atmosphere of the Earth? Around Hong Kong there is a serious amount of “travel envy.” You always hear, “Oh, you went to Bali last weekend? Well, I guess that’s cool but I’m going on a tour of every single beach listed on Conde Nast from that ‘Best Beaches in Asia’ article. Should take me about a month, but I’m taking my time. Oh and by the way, did you get the new GPS travel tracker tour so everybody can see where you’re going? No? Oh my, you TOTALLY should, even if you are just going to Bali.”

To which, if I won this contest, I would reply, “You’re going to a bunch of beaches? That’s nice. But tomorrow I’m flying into the fucking stratosphere on a honest to goodness badass spaceship. My GPS will read, CURRENT LOCATION: OUTERFUCKING SPACE.”

Thank you Guinness, thank you for combining two of the most awesome things (beer and space) into one package for your 250th year anniversary. Bravo.