:: Modelizers in Hong Kong

June 1, 2009

As seen in the Webster’s dictionary the term “modelizer” is defined as follows; noun one whom chases after, follows, lusts after, or otherwise obsesses over females of the model variety in, or in proximity to, Hong Kong.

Modelize this!

Modelize this!

In my admittedly short time in Hong Kong I’ve endeavored to find out what is the reason for this model fascination. Something I have discovered is men here don’t realize many models aren’t as dumb as they’re made out to be.  Were I a beautiful woman that could get free tables  at hot clubs and booze just by being my pretty little self, I sure as hell would take advantage of that. Why not? And some of these women aren’t even models. They’re just damn hot. Fair play if you ask me. I say go for it. The models will try to wring the modelizers for every penny, to suck them dry of their traded stock cash. Try as they might,  the modelizers can afford it and they most definitely enjoy the hunt, at least what ones are left after the Great Recession hit last year.

Its almost like a symbiotic relationship. Take the modelizers out of their natural Central habitat and the models will start to over populate, roam free and start tempting the rest of us normally paid folk with their sultry poutieness, force us to open up our dusty, moth ridden, salty wallets and scrape together what’s left of our savings to take them out to Azure for a 100 HK nacho (singular, not plural).

I’d buy that nacho too. Why? Because I’m a man, and men are suckers. We can’t help it, we’re all modelizers at heart. If we weren’t there wouldn’t be sayings like, “Big girls need love too cuz.” We all need a little luv cuz, we all need a little luv.

So, even as I attempt to study and understand the modelizer and model relationships in their natural habitat, I realize I am only an observer, and any attempt to distrupt the natural balance of their dance of life would put myself in financial jeapordy. The recession has already hit the middle class men of Hong Kong hard in this regard, no reason to add one more casualty to the mix.

2 Responses to “:: Modelizers in Hong Kong”

  1. happybrunette23 Says:

    hahaha hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. netta Says:

    Most models are of the squirrel variety. French squirrels are the worst, as you well know. They go for the nutz.

    If it looks like a model, acts like a model, most likely it’s a squirrel. Beware!

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