:: Overheard in Hong Kong – Cafe O

May 8, 2009

White guy to girl, “There were no witnesses.”

I looked up from my book, then they spoke in hushed tones. O_o I scurried home.


5 Responses to “:: Overheard in Hong Kong – Cafe O”

  1. Jeannette Says:


  2. netta Says:

    You’re such a pussy. Scurrying is for girls.

    They could have been talking about Jehovah’s Witnesses, you know.

  3. Kate Says:

    Well, if you ever want to write a book, there is your first line.

    P.S.: and yes, I do check your website 😉

  4. Notbehindyou Says:

    Why do they have to be white? Are you saying black people cant conspire! Well? Are you?

  5. Mum Says:

    I don’t get it….

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