:: Mongkok and Jordan, Hong Kong

April 21, 2009

I’ll just let the pics do the talking for this post.



Love you long time

Love you long time



11 Responses to “:: Mongkok and Jordan, Hong Kong”

  1. Jeannette Says:


  2. A. Says:

    Your captions are THE best captions, esp the cougar one.. I heard that term for the first time only last week from a few American friends here.. isn’t it creepy the way old(er) birds peer over their glass like that?! Shiver me timbers

  3. The one they call Cougar shall perish.

  4. Chris Says:

    @A. Rawr!

    @Hong Kong Assasin: Oh noes the incorrectly spelled killed has returned to hunt cougars!


  5. Mr. Nby Says:

    1. Giant prawns are seriously freaking me out.

    2. Does nobody steal there? People just leave crap laying all over.

    3. Giant prawns are seriously freaking me out.

  6. Chris Says:

    1. They should.

    2. People steal. All that stuff you see laying around? That’s all stolen.

    3. They should.

  7. I placed that “s” somewhere…

  8. netta Says:

    She’s lusting after your manly prawns.

    Srsly, you didn’t eat that stuff, did you? Because that stuff looks like something that crawled out of an alien’s intestine. It looks like it’s still crawling.


  9. Chris Says:

    Surely I did, and it crawled out of my stomach just as quickly as it crawled in.

  10. MW Says:

    What up brah!

  11. Chris Says:

    What’s up M’dizzle.

    (Fo shizzle)

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