Top 5 Hong Kong Happy Endings ::

April 7, 2009

Happy endings come in all forms. These are easily the top five happy endings in Hong Kong.

5. The Road to Hong Kong: (1962) Bob Hope always dished out the happy endings.

4. Whang Long in Hong Kong: (1976) “Are you Chinese or Japanese?” “I am half and half.” “Then I will only half kill you!!”

3. Barok Goes to Hong Kong: (1984) Before there was Borat, there was Barok.

2. Chop Socky – Sword Fighting: (2003) Not a happy ending per say as this is a documentary, but its called “Chop Socky – Sword Fighting!” I mean come on! That counts right?

1. Happy Ding Dong: (1986) I’m not exactly sure if this takes place in Hong Kong, or if it has a happy ending. But judging from the title, I’m guessing it has at least one of those.

While on the subject of Ding Dongs, here’s a questionable cartoon of the King Ding Dong peddling his wares.

Hurray for King Ding Dong!

Hurray for King Ding Dong!

What did you think this post was about? Perv.

4 Responses to “Top 5 Hong Kong Happy Endings ::”

  1. Jeannette Says:


  2. Hong Kong Assassin's brother Arnold Says:

    After seeing this blog entry, I think I need to put a call in to my brother.

  3. Nby Says:

    I saw a movie on the internet loosely based on that king ding dong cartoon.

  4. Pops Says:

    Ahhh…HK movies…but you left out some classics. I’m sure it was merely the late hour deadening of the brainstem that caused the omissions but to set the record straight, here they are: Hong Kong (1951) starring Ronald Reagan; Hong Kong Confidential (1958) with Gene Barry (the lead scientist in the original classic War of the Worlds); Hong Kong Affair (1958) featuring the immortal Jack Kelly!

    And, the Clark Gable starrer Soldier of Fortune takes place in Hong Kong. What a rich harvest of quality films…not.

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