::The Hong Kong Assassin

April 7, 2009

“Get out of my country or I will execute you.”

I don’t typically get death threats, so when I checked the comments on my blog yesterday I was a bit surprised to see a threat from the self proclaimed “Hong Kong Assassin.” Now, as terrified as I was, I managed to keep it together and not wet myself right then and there. I mean, THE HONG KONG ASSASSIN (Scary shit right?) I was ready to look for a Nick Cage Bangkok Dangerous type (anti)hero to save me from this nefarious villain of doom.

Where's Nick Cage when I need him?

Where's Nick Cage when I need him?

Before I phoned Hollywood, I pulled my panties out of the bunch they were in and put a call out to my online peeps that read, “I’m reporting Hong Kong Assassin to WordPress.” Well, low and behold the culprit stepped forward and admitted to hiding behind the facade once he realized what he wrote was more “creepy than funny.”

Aspiring Assassins take note; when you comment on a blog it shows your IP. So when somebody named “Hong Kong Assassin” posts from New Jersey, well…remember to use a proxy next time.

Internet, how I love thee.

2 Responses to “::The Hong Kong Assassin”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    Is that why you laughed at MW? Oh dear.

    Well, at least you’re getting comments!

  2. Hong Kong Assassin's brother Arnold Says:

    I’d like to apologize for my brother’s bad behavior and offer you a free mustache ride.

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