Running mobile text convo with a Hong Kong newbie ::

April 3, 2009

This is a running text convo I had today with a friend visiting Hong Kong for the first time.  I’m not going to give any more context to the conversation.


H – 4:38pm: thighs burning. legs tired. still determined to walk on!

Chris – 4:39pm: Haha. Hardcore man. hardcore.

Chris – 4:43pm: Where are you now? And my ear hurts. what have you found?

H – 4:59pm: i have no clue where i was. heading to apt now to drop off purchases.

Chris – 4:59pm: What did u buy?

H – 5:47pm: pillow

Chris – 5:47pm: bitchin

H – 5:49pm: i’m tellin u 2 get 1

My hosting skills could use some work.

9 Responses to “Running mobile text convo with a Hong Kong newbie ::”

  1. Jeannette Says:


  2. Chris Says:

    Damn you’re quick.

  3. Jeannette Says:

    Who me?

  4. Nby Says:

    Invite her over for some *oh snap* and rice.

  5. Jeannette Says:


  6. Nby Says:

    I’ve been edited.

  7. Jeannette Says:

    Censorship in China? NEVAR!

    Wait. Can I say that?

  8. Chris Says:

    Well, it IS what I do NBY. 😉

  9. Get out of my country before I execute you.

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