:: No rice in Asia. No rice for you!

April 1, 2009

Went to dinner the other night and here’s a quick snippet of our convo.

Me to the server, “I’d like the…”

Colleague interrupts, “I’m speaking some 24 toned Cantonese. So really, I’m not speaking this now. What you’re reading is English. What you would hear would be something entirely different which would basically be me ordering chicken rice for the skinny white boy named Chris sitting on my left.”

Server interrupts when colleague says I would like rice, “Hello, I am the server. You can’t speak Cantonese so just pretend Chris knew exactly what I was saying. So anyway, sorry, we don’t have any rice left.”

Me, eyebrow aloft, “No rice?”

Sever through colleague, “No rice.” 

Me to colleague, “You’re Singaporean, have you ever been to a restaurant in Asia where they ran out of rice?”

Colleague, “Never.”

First time for everything.

6 Responses to “:: No rice in Asia. No rice for you!”

  1. N Says:

    wow – the economy must be bad if Chinese restaurants stop serving rice!

  2. Jeannette Says:

    I don’t really like rice. Can’t they give you noodles instead?

  3. Nby Says:

    That does seem rather odd. Wouldn’t rice be the staple of everything they serve? Perhaps the server was discriminating against your everlasting whiteness?

  4. huboiler Says:

    Unacceptable!!!! I would have stabbed somebody in the leg with a fork!

    I mean chopstick.

  5. Chris Says:

    They gave me a fork, I refused, then the person I was eating with told me to use a fork, so I again refused and stabbed her with a napkin.

  6. huboiler Says:

    You’re so badass!!

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