:: goback!sshole

March 25, 2009

Asiaexpat.com is the basic “go to” website for expats living in Asia looking for apartments, to sell their junk, or to meet the love of their life for one night. I’m constantly on there looking for stuff to fill my apartment (rugs, mammals, statues, the usual) and just poked a little fun at one of the people that posted an ad in the classified section trying to sell a phone.

Ad Details
osim igogo
in osim 2680hkd
used only once,comeswith extra hydro pad

(My message to him) March 24/09 6:22PM 

A serious, non-time wasting offer.

I’ll give you $1 HKD for it. 

It is a bit above my price range, but I think this could be worth it.

re:osim igogo
From: grd
Sent: March 25/09 1:20AM

i’ll show you what is the meaning of silly and time wasting…
go back!sshole..

Now, I would like to debate what he actually means by “go back!sshole..” Does he mean, “go back to America!” or “go back to asshole?” Interesting. 

I’m such a meanie.

4 Responses to “:: goback!sshole”

  1. N Says:

    ah forum taunting- such fun – unless it’s that twat DJ Sexy Paul

  2. Chris Says:

    I don’t believe it was Paul. Unless Paul has migrated to HK, which lets hope he has not.

  3. Jeannette Says:

    You should have reported him for being a jerk when you were obviously serious with your meaningful offer.

  4. Chris Says:

    Of course I was serious! When have you ever known me to not be serious?

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