Members Only clubs in Hong Kong ::

March 18, 2009

I’m cooler than you. I’m a member at a members only club. When you meet me for the first time, you’ll realize how cool I am and you’ll think, “Gee, I bet this guy is a member at a members only club somewhere. Probably the coolest, most expensive members only club in Hong Kong.” 

I’m taking a drag off my premium tobacco cigarette. 

Now I’m looking as if I don’t know you’re there. I’m aloof. Cool. I’m a member baby. My Goldcard is bigger than yours, and my platinum card was crafted by genetically engineered Pandas in the jungles of Asia (their paws are soft and they won’t ruin the finish). 

Yeah, still don’t care that you’re standing there. Haven’t acknowledged you yet. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Either way whatever. I’m aloof. Aloof is cool. *takes another drag* I’m going to 2 members only clubs tonight and I’d invite you if I took the time to notice you. Yeah. Hold on, somebody is buzzing me on my gold plated iPhone I had custom made. “Hello? Alright. Sure, I can make it to Monaco tomorrow. First class right? Great. Ciao.” Looks like Monaco tomorrow. Have to seal a deal for a multimillion dollar account. Small beans but hey, times are tough. 

Oh, OK. Hey what’s up. Yeah sure you can come with me tonight. 

Meet me at Ricky’s Chicken Shack. Total happy hour deals.

One Response to “Members Only clubs in Hong Kong ::”

  1. Jeannette Says:

    I wish I was as cool as you.

    God, I am so bored at work. At least I look busy.

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