Central-Mid-Levels Soho Escalator manners – breach at own risk! ::

March 10, 2009

I saw a nun get rolled yesterday. First a little background. The Hong Kong Central-Mid-Levels Soho Escalators are people movers that lug pedestrians up and down the steep streets from Central through Soho to Mid Levels. There are about 7 – 10 flights total passing popular streets like Hollywood Road, Elgin Street, and Staunton, so some people have a bit of a ways to go from their apartment to the end in Central, myself included. Now picture if you will, a morning and evening rush hour of suits riding the slides to and from work. There are two simple rules for all the slide riders to follow. 

1. If you’re not going to walk, get to the right to let people pass on the left.

2. Don’t drop an ass bomb.

So on my way home from work last night I just got on the first flight going up, and there was a little blue nun (nuns are like crayons, they can come in different colors) blocking the path on the left. The gentleman directly ahead of me was kind enough to put the nun in the proper place reserved for those not in a rush, the elderly, infants, and apparently nuns. He managed to elbow her just enough to send her stumbling to her knees directly into a free space on the slow side. I was impressed by the obviously practiced skill this man displayed in making right such a horrible breach of escalator etiquette. The next time the nun rides the slides she’ll be sure to think twice about blocking the fast lane. Nuns, can’t live with em, can’t go to heaven without em.

2 Responses to “Central-Mid-Levels Soho Escalator manners – breach at own risk! ::”

  1. Nikki Says:

    OMG! I cannot believe that guy actually elbowed the nun! man, I hope wherever he had to get to in such a hurry was worth knocking over someone, guess manners arent his forte

  2. Jeannette Says:

    Why didn’t he just say “excuse me?”

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