A video camera, a blackberry, and a camera walk into a bar…

March 4, 2009

And none of them work.

Such is my life, and such is the reason there are currently no pics and vids as of yet. But, I finally managed to get a vid off my phone taken from the roof of my current apartment, compress it, upload it on this slow as no-legged thief Internet connection, and embedded it here for your viewing pleasure. Also! I added something special.

In other news, I’m watching a movie starring Tom Cruise’s hair. I’ve never seen such hair before. He’s fighting some obviously evil Eastern European white man on a cliff somewhere on the East Coast and his hair is absolutely magnificent. I don’t hit for the other team mind you, but this man’s hair is incredible. Every 6 inch long follicle moves in perfect harmony and synchronization. Impressive.

Yet even more news of blah blah blah, and less of the rant rant rant category. My new apartment (not the one in the vid, look for a new vid of the new one)  is NOISY. It is a 4th floor walk-up and the street is pretty close down below, so I foresee many Saturday morning battles involving yours truly running out into the street clad only in white socks and brandishing a rice cooker in challenge to a bus. I’ll be sure to get pics or video of that.

I suppose I shouldn’t really complain. You get what you pay for, and I got a really great deal for a place of its size and location. Beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Today I went and bought a bed spread, bed sheet, and pillow, so I’m pretty much all set to move in.

Last night I met up with a friend for dinner in Central at Goccia Ristorane. Nice place, ate on the terrace and had overpriced pizza ($17 each). Though everything is over priced here so eventually I’ll stop mentioning it (maybe not, that’s what 6 months of unemployment will do to a man). Then went to Kinds for a dirty martini. Were I writing an article on Kinds I would say the decor is Kitche, but since I’m not I’ll just go ahead and say it was “shit.”

The plans for the week include work, shopping for apartment, a performance of some kind on Friday night that I got tickets for somehow, moving saturday, then a ride on a Junk out to an island for lunch on Sunday with a bunch of people I don’t know. All in all, pretty boring. Yawn. I’ll try to pull through.

2 Responses to “A video camera, a blackberry, and a camera walk into a bar…”

  1. Nikki Says:

    So just white socks and a rice cooker huh going against the bus? lol, nice 😉

  2. Jeannette Says:

    Such great heights!

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